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          DSD1205.21ATV Speed sensors

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          DSD1205.21ATV Speed sensors

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          Textile speed sensor

          Additional Info.

          Production Capacity:  50, 000 PCS/Year
          Company: Nanjing KJT Electric Co., Ltd.

          Product Description
          KJT Speed Sensors 

          KJT now have three production lines in  factory and are preparing to install the next two new lines in the coming months. KJT engineering department has the capability to design new sensors and support existing products with technical advice and application changes. 

          KJT's zero speed Hall effect sensors for measurement of hub speed and shaft revolutions, etc are en¬ Gineered with an internal magnet to switch in the presence of ferrous targets such as gear teeth and blade tips down to absolute zero speed. The sensor detects fluctuations in the magnetic field and can also be configured so the output signal signifies either the presence or absence of a ferromagnetic target(i. e. A gear tooth, shaft feature, etc). 

          SUPPLY VOLTAGE Vs: 8-30 VDC @ 15mA MAX. Reserve Polarity Protected 
          PULSE OUT Vo: Push-pull outputs: Imax = +/- 20 mA, Ulow < 2.5 V, Uhigh > Usupply-3.5 V 
          OPERATING FREQUENCY: 0-20kHz 
          AIR GAP 
          MODUL E 0.5: 0.1 to 0.3mm 
          MODULE 1: 0.1 to 1.5mm 
          MODULE 2: 0.1 to 2.0mm VIBRATION/SHOCK 
          RESISTANCE: 5 G's @ 2000 Hz MIN.; IMPACT: 50 G'S MIN 
          Sensor head: IP68 
          Cable outlet or connector: IP67 
          TEMPERATURE RANGE: -40 Celsius degree to 125 Celsius degree 
          CONSTRUCTION: Stainless Steel or Plastic Housing, Sold Epoxy Encapsulation 

          Speed detection from Zero speed to 20kHz 
          Digital output 
          Extremely accurate 
          No special alignment requirement relative to the pole wheel or target gear 
          Large air gap 
          High temperature range (-40 Celsius degree to 125 Celsius degree) 
          2-year warranty 
          Low cost 







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